In the heart of downtown is the commercial core, bounded on the east by 3rd Street east, on the west by 9th Street west, on the south by the Canadian Pacific Railway, and by Chinatown and Eau Claire on the north.  The downtown became established with the arrival of the CPR in 1883.  By 1884, the CPR had laid out Calgary’s grid patter of streets and avenues, initiated by the sale of properties and, by its very presence, had dictated that the town centre would be situated close to the train depot.  Many of the original sandstone buildings, developed around the turn of the century, are still found along Stephen Avenue Mall.  Currently, the commercial core contains the greatest concentration of Calgary’s high density, commercial, financial and retail activity and governmental uses.  The light Rail Transit (LRT) system, the +15 pedestrian system and open spaces, such as Olympic Plaza and the Devonian Gardens are some of the amenities found in the downtown commercial core.


Visit the Downtown West Community Association page.

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