Eau Claire 

Located adjacent to the Downtown Commercial Core, Eau Claire is bounded by Prince’s Island and the Bow River on the north and 3rd Avenue on the south, extending from 2nd Street S.W. to 8th Street S.W. The community of Eau Claire takes its name from the Eau Claire Lumber Company, which was established by Isaac Kendall Kerr in 1886 and managed by Peter Prince. Mr. Kerr came to Calgary to build a sawmill for lumbermen interested in developing timber resources in the Bow Valley. He created his mill at what is now 3rd Street and 1st Avenue S.W., opposite Prince’s Island, which was named after Mr. Prince. Eau Claire was once a quiet residential district and over past decades it has largely remained outside of the development focus. Nevertheless, influences of the Downtown Commercial Core penetrate its environment, in the form of surface parking, for example. Eau Claire, with its magnificent natural as well as urban setting, has the potential to influence the character of the Downtown environment.

Visit the Eau Claire Community Association Website.


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