Arbour Lake

Arbour Lake is a residential neighbourhood in the north-west quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is bounded to the north by Country Hills Boulevard, to the south by Crowchild Trail, to the east by Nose Hill Drive, to the west by Stoney Trail. The Arbour Lake Community Association, like other community associations in Calgary, is a non-profit organization with a volunteer group of residents committed to representing the people of the community. Membership in the community association is completely voluntary and is available at a cost of $20/household/year. The Board of Directors is voted in by the membership in October consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Portfolio Director’s at Large. Anyone with a valid community membership may run for any position on the board. It is the ALCA’s responsibility to represent the wishes of the community in reference to all civic issues, including but not limited to: Transportation and Traffic, Law Enforcement, Bylaw Planning, Building and Rezoning, Civic Pride and Improvement, Funding Requests. The ALCA also organizes and contributes to sports programs, social functions, Block Watch, arranges rentals and maintenance of our community hall, and arranges for the production and distribution of the community newsletter. Community membership fees and fundraising help cover the costs of insurance and utility fees for the community hall and provides funding for a variety of programs and events that are run at minimal or no cost to community members. It is also the ALCA’s hope that by having a thriving community association with the involvement of the community members Arbour Lake will continue to be a close community with a strong social involvement and community pride.



Arbour Lake Middle School
St. Ambrose

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