Banff Trail

Banff Trail community is located in the northwest sector of Calgary. Annexed to Calgary in 1910, Banff Trail is a primarily residential community. Motel Village, in the communities southwest is the major commercial center. The Banff Trail community is located close to the LRT and other major institutions and recreational facilities such as the University of Calgary, SAIT, the Alberta College of Art, Jubilee Auditorium, McMahon Stadium, and Confederation Park.

Banff Trail is home to one of the city’s oldest community associations, which has been in existence since the 1950s. During this time the community association has initiated a number of programs and remains very active today. Many Calgarians enjoy the use of the two volunteer-run skating rinks for hockey and shinny games in the winter as well as the baseball diamond in the summer.  Monday Evening Music Jams, Cribbage Afternoons and Ladies Auxiliary are popular activities hosted at the community hall for community members. In 2010, the community association spearheaded the creation of a Community Garden attracting the involvement of a wide variety of community members. Each year the community also hosts a popular Stampede Event as well as several pancake breakfasts. The community association also makes an effort to connect the various groups within Banff Trail. An example of a successful collaboration between Branton Junior High students and seniors was the compilation of a memory book that details the resident’s memories of growing up in Banff Trail. This book was bound and is available for purchase through the community association.


Branton Bilingual Junior High School – Public
William Aberhart Bilingual Senior High – Public

Visit the Banff Trail Community Association Page.

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