Citadel is located in Calgary’s northwest, and is designed so that the roads form the shape of a wheel with spokes.  It is bordered by Country Hills Boulevard to the south, and Sarcee Trail to the east.  It is a relatively new community, and was formed in 1993.  There are many pathways in the community which emanate to the central hub where there is a large recreational green space.  The central hub contains a scenic central park with tree lined pathways, a creative playground, an outdoor hockey rink, tennis and basketball courts, soccer pitches, baseball diamonds and open spaces.

Although Citadel does not yet have a community centre, it has an active community association.  The association keeps the neighborhood informed of community news via its newsletter, the Citadel link.  The community association also puts on an annual Stampede breakfast, complete with food hayrides and entertainment, as well as a winter gala.  The community association also engages in a community beautification project to keep the Citadel parks and gardens well maintained.


Citadel Park School (K-3) – Public
St. Bridget Elementary Junior High (K-9) – Separate

Visit the Citadel Community Association page.

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