MacEwan Glen

The relatively young community of MacEwan is located directly north of Nose Hill Park and is bounded by Shaganappi Trail to the west, Country Hills Boulevard to the north and 14 street to the east. Land uses north of the community are generally agricultural, specifically grazing and cultivated land. The predominant land use within the community is single family residential. The topography of MacEwan may generally be described as an upland plateau surrounded by gradually sloping land, except for significant coulees which provide for intermittent natural drainage. The land comprising MacEwan was annexed to the city in two stages – in 1972, the southern portion of the community was acquired by the City, and in 1979, the remaining portion of the community was annexed.



Monsignor N. Anderson Elementary – Separate Simons Valley Elementary School – Public


Visit the Sandstone MacEwan Community Association page.

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