Montgomery is located in Calgary’s northwest. It is   primarily situated on the south slope of the Bow River   Valley escarpment. The   area’s diverse topography includes a variety of slopes and landforms. This has   led to a wide range of different housing developments, many of which offer views   of the Bow   River.  Purchased in 1906   by James Shouldice, the community was named after his family. In 1910, he donated   100 acres along the Bow River to The City of Calgary for park space   (Shouldice   Athletic Park). Gradually, the community grew and   came to be known as Shouldice Terrace. In 1943, some problems developed with the   post office over the name, and its similarity to the town of Shouldice. After a request   for a name change, the Shouldice family chose Montgomery, named after Bernard Law Montgomery of Alamein,   a celebrated military leader from Great Britain who played an important   role in WWI and WWII. Development of the Montgomery area dates back to the 1940s.
Montgomery was its own town prior to   being annexed to the City of Calgary in 1963. Shouldice Arena and Shouldice   Memorial Pool offer a variety of recreational opportunities to residents, as do   the area’s green spaces and new creative playground in Shouldice Park, built in 2002 as a Days of Caring   Project by the United   Way and The City of Calgary. There are two public   school in the area, one elementary and one junior high.



Montgomery Junior High School – Public

Terrace Road Elementary School – Public


Visit the Montgomery Community Association page.

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