The community of Bankview is located in Calgary’s inner city.  It is one of Calgary’s oldest communities.  In 1882, William Nimmons, an English immigrant, purchased a half section of land on present day Bankview to use for ranching and farming.  During the economic boom of the 1900s, this land was purchased by the city, subdivided in a traditional grid pattern, and residentially developed.  In the 1950s, the community was redesigned to allow for the construction of numerous apartment walk-ups.  Bankview offers panoramic views of Calgary’s downtown.  There is a tennis court in the area and a public school nearby.

The Bankview community association offers a number of recreational opportunities to residents.  The association recently built a basketball court and playground, and are working on establishing a green space for resident use.  The community centre is very popular among local groups, and is rented out by groups ranging from Irish Dancers, to dog obedience trainers, to Tae Kwon Doe instructors, to a mom and tot playgroups.  Bankview also takers advantage of its rich history in its annual September Heritage Day celebration, where community walks touring historic homes are offered.  Bankview also makes an effort to address the various concerns that face its community, notably traffic issues.

Visit the Bankview Community Association Page.

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