Lincoln Park

Until the 1980’s, the community of Rutland Park was known as Sarcee Park.  Rutland Park is a small community.  It was annexed to the City of Calgary in 1910, however, it did not develop until 1952.  This residential community is close to the Southland Regional Park, the Richmond Green Golf Course and the pathways.  With the closure announcement in 1998 of the Canadian Forces Base Calgary the areas of Lincoln Park PMQ and Currie Barracks were then designated for redevelopment and a new Master Plan for the CFB West lands was released in December 2000 by the City of Calgary.  Currently, the City of Calgary, the Community Association and surrounding areas are negotiating redevelopment as outlined in the Master Plan of December 2000.


Sir James Lougheed Elementary – Public

Visit the Rutland Park Community Association page.

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