The communities of Cliff Bungalow and Mission are located in Calgary’s SW, near the downtown core.  Both communities have a rich history in Calgary.

Cliff Bungalow was originally owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1870s.  It was annexed by Calgary and subdivided into residential communities between 1906 and 1912.  In 1935, the character of the neighbourhood was changed when it was rezoned to permit the building of apartments.  Cliff Bungalow is now a mixture of older homes and low level apartment buildings.  Cliff Bungalow contains the 4th Street commercial district.  Western Canada high school is also located within the area.

In 1883, Fathers Lacombe and Leduc homesteaded two quarter sections of land that included the site of present day Mission.  A small French speaking community began to build in the area in the late 1880s.  At this time, Mission was referred to as Rouleauville after two brothers: Chief Justice Charles B. Rouleau and Edourd, who founded the Holy Cross hospital.  However, beginning with the arrival of an Irish bishop at the local parish, the Francophone community began to be displaced.  Its name was changed to Mission after it was annexed to Calgary in 1907.  There are both public and separate schools in the area, including St. Mary’s High School.

The Cliff Bungalow – Mission community association attempts to guide development of the area, ensuring that it remains low density and restricting the construction of buildings over three stories.  The community association was also responsible for the creation of the 4th St. Lilac Festival, Calgary’s largest street festival.  Cliff Bungalow – Mission is close to numerous restaurants, shopping facilities as well as the Bow River and Lindsay Park.


Western Canada Senior High – Public
St. Mary’s Senior High School – Separate
St. Monica Elementary & Junior High School – Separate

Visit the Cliff Bungalow and Mission Community Association page.

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