Shaganappi is located in southwest Calgary. In Cree, Shaganappi means rawhide. This name dates back to the 1870s when Cree gathered in the area. Shaganappi is located on a bluff overlooking the Bow River Valley. The area was annexed in 910 but development did not begin until after World War II. Shaganappi is conveniently located close to downtown (via Bow Trail), the Shaganappi golf and country club, and natural vistas overlooking the Bow River. There is a public school in the area, as well as the Salvation Army Children’s village school, for children with learning disabilities. Shaganappi is beautifully landscaped with mature trees, a fact perhaps due to the neighbourhood’s distinction of being Calgary’s first to be planted and tended by a hired horticulturalist.

The community contains a playground, an ice rink, tennis courts, tobogganing hills, a community hall, a baseball diamond, and a coulee. The coulee is a natural area that houses a spring, brush, a dirt bridge, as well as flora and fauna. It was a former campsite for Cree and Blackfoot. The community hall is used for vintage car club meetings, a wine tasting organization meetings, karate classes, arts and crafts programs, and Boy Scouts and Girl Guide meetings. The community association also puts on an annual winter festival.


*Alex Ferguson Elementary School – Public

Visit the Shaganappi Community Association

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